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“Denial is the shock absorber for the soul. It protects us until we are equipped to cope with reality.” 

C.S. Lewis


I believe in brutal transparency.

Transparency allows me to share, relate to, and encourage others. So here goes.

This is my story, and although it’s not pretty, it gets good at the end...

Growing up, I had a lot of love and acceptance, but I also learned a lot of dysfunctional, codependent behaviors in my family. These behaviors served me in childhood but did not serve me well in adulthood. After finding a personal Higher Power at age 25, everything changed. I finally had peace, hope and a sense of self-esteem. But, because I hadn’t dealt with the dysfunction, I still had a lot of those nagging codependent behaviors, sort of like a heavy, ugly backpack on my back. Behaviors like saying yes when I meant no. Seeing other people as more valuable than me. Trying to fix and control and give advice to people, when my own life was out of control.

At 26 I met and married the love of my life. But because we were both so emotionally immature, we fought constantly (since I had issues, I of course picked someone to marry who had issues!). I finally realized I couldn’t change anyone but myself. After doing a lot of work to unload and unlearn unhealthy behaviors - 12 step work, counseling, good coaching, prayer - I noticed my mental and emotional health improving and a positive effect on my marriage and children.

I finally realized I couldn’t change anyone but myself


Having wrought change in my own life, I began helping other women come out of dysfunctional behavior, too. I opened my home to work with them, pleasantly surprised to find that it helped me grow and gave me purpose. 


This was all going wonderfully when my husband learned he had an acoustic neuroma, a form of brain tumor in the ear canal. Just as he was researching when to have his brain surgery, I found out I had breast cancer. Just 10 days later, at age 43, I had a double mastectomy.


Three months after my mastectomy, and the night before my husband‘s brain surgery, we got a call that my sweet Dad had a severe stroke. He died three weeks later.


This started a three-year period where everything that could go wrong did go wrong - financial problems due to the medical bills, my amazing brother-in-law committing suicide from bipolar disorder, both my husband and I grieving our own physical changes after our surgeries, both of us grieving my Dad and my husband's brother, our kids rebelling as they were rightfully mad at God for all this - Everything. Went. Wrong.

Everything. Went. Wrong.

We were so hurt and wounded that we attacked each other - the one we both loved the most - mercilessly. By God’s grace we somehow stayed married and found our way back to each other, emerging from those awful years resolved to not hide our story but to share it if it could help others.


Then, eleven years later, my amazing brother committed suicide, also from bipolar disorder. Again, with God’s help, my husband and I resolved to comfort others with the comfort we received from God. We resolved to not hide our struggles, and be real. I began to meet with women at Starbucks and in my home several times a week to encourage them. I had codependency studies and Bible studies in my home for neighbors and friends. After years of doing this a friend of mine said “you are a life coach!”


I finally gave myself permission to get my life coach certification through the International Coach Federation, and take the classes and do the hours and tests necessary to get certified. I found my calling at 59 years old! 

I adore meeting with people and truly listening and asking really good questions. I love seeing my clients get insights, design their action steps, own who they are and resolve to move forward. As my love for coaching has grown, so has my desire to help people at a deeper level. I am now in the Masters in Counseling program at the University of Wyoming, studying to attain my Licensed Professional Counselor designation in 2025.


I am seeing so much hope, recovery, healing... of marriages, of relationships, of self-esteem. I am seeing people getting closer to their Higher Power. Coming into wholeness. Coming out of codependency and dysfunction. Living and being who they truly are. I love working with people no matter what their background or beliefs. And I look forward to coming alongside you in your journey!

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